What is drug addiction and what happened after the proper treatment?

drug addiction
  • Drugs are nerve stimulants that cause feelings of pain relief, excitement, comfort, and drowsiness, but if used many times, you will have to use this substance again otherwise the body will feel very uncomfortable.
  • Drug addiction is when you have to use drugs to live a normal life. However, drug addicts would suffer from mental and physical pain if they are not allowed to consume narcotics. Drugs should have negative consequences for health, especially the ability to control behavior and for society as a whole.
  • It is possible to become addicted to drugs of natural origin such as opium, cocaine, or semi-synthetic narcotics such as heroin.

What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

Rarely do addicts use only one drug, but they will mix many drugs together to achieve as much euphoria as possible when using drugs. Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai is the best place where you can get the best treatment for your addiction.

However, with all drug addicts, there is a common manifestation of withdrawal syndrome, also known as drug shortage and hunger syndrome. This syndrome occurs when an addict stops using a drug that previously used a lot or used it for a long time but is no longer able to continue buying drugs.

Risk factors for drug addiction include:

  • People with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem are at a higher risk than the general population.
  • People with a history of trauma such as abuse, war, stress, and a family history of drug addiction.
  • Some people who take strong painkillers such as morphine can also become addicted to drugs.
  • Or people born with brains tend to need higher levels of opioids than the average person.

Prevention of drug addiction

  • To prevent drug addiction, it is necessary to coordinate with many countries and territories.
  • There needs to be synchronization of many industries, short-term and long-term strategic investment of state agencies.
  • Playing an important role, especially, is the support from the family in education and personality building for members to avoid the social influences that lead to drug addiction.
  • School and society are also an important part of a healthy lifestyle to prevent drug addiction.

Help drug addicts get rid of addiction 

They will be rehabilitated in state-owned addiction treatment facilities so that they can cease their addiction as early as possible. This is a difficult period for addicts because it will bring mental and physical pain because drugs are not allowed during this time.

Post-addiction period

  • To prevent a return of addiction after visiting drug rehabilitation centre in India, patients must receive follow-up treatment after recovery from withdrawal.
  • The patient received maintenance treatment to lessen the toxic neurobiological effects of the drug.
  • Creating conditions for addicts to change their lifestyle, think more positively, perform suitable labor and entertainment jobs.
  • Some drug addiction treatments such as: agonist – agonist (methadone, buprenorphine), adjuvant drugs (clonidine, psychiatric drugs)
  • There can be both drug treatment and combination therapy to help addicts.

And most importantly, need coordination and support from doctors, patients, families and society in long-term treatment as well as drug removal from the community.

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