Steal Your Favourite Boots for Your Next Vacation from Myntra EORS

Steal Your Favourite Boots for Your Next Vacation from Myntra EORS

As each new generation takes over the fashion industry, various latest footwear trends are regularly introduced – this is a pattern many experts have observed over the years. Some of these trends stick, some don’t; naturally, one of the most trendy footwear pieces is women boots. While women boots have been in the markets for a while now, the rage currently going on about them is like never before. Rightfully so, women boots have become a footwear essential for women of all ages and if you don’t own a pair, look no further than the Myntra End of Reason Sale!

Myntra’s EORS 2021 is here with its extensive collection of women boots in high-quality materials from high-end brands like H&M, Mode by Red Tape, Teakwood Leathers, El Paso, Roadster and more. Featured with heavy discounts of the best quality products, here are the different women boots you should stock up on from Myntra EORS right away:

Chelsea Boots: The origin of Chelsea boots dates back as far as the Victorian era, but they remain one of the most popular types of women boots. They typically have elastic panels on both sides of the boot, and their lace-less closure gives them an elegant look. These are usually ankle length, but high tops are also a well-liked option.

Heeled Boots: With the boots characterized as heeled boots, their heels count as the primary speciality. Unlike the heels in other types of shoes, heeled boots are incredibly comfortable and provide a stable grip on the footing even with high heels. The different types of heels you can find on Myntra are wedges, stilettos, block heels, platform heels and more.

Combat Boots: Combat boots are a type of military boots, their main purpose being providing stability in all types of weather conditions as they were originally designed for the army. Being a part of major fashion statements now, they have a heavy lace closure at the front with metal buckles, clasps and rings around the base of the lace.

Flat Boots: Most boots have some type of heel but flat boots, as the name suggests, don’t. Flat boots typically have a completely flat sole and no heel at all but the ones that do have a heel feature an extremely thin one. Flat boots in the flat top design are also often used as snow or rain boots as they keep you very warm and are water-resistant.

Over the Knee Boots: These boots extend over the length of your leg and end just above the knee. The main look can vary; some of them have lace closures, while others have buckle closures or zippers. These are a very glamorous option that looks very flattering with short items of clothing. At the same time, you can also wear these casually with everything.

Going with your material of choice from options of suede, leather, velvet, etc., these women boots from Myntra will upgrade your footwear collection like no other. Take full advantage of the various discounts at the EORS and Myntra’s great customer service, start shopping!

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