What To Look For While Buying Jade Jewelry

What To Look For While Buying Jade Jewelry

Green is the color of good fortune and prosperity. Wearing a green colored Jade jewelry is considered auspicious in India. Jade jewelry goes with all types of dresses from contemporary looking Jeans & tops to traditional wears like chudidhar, salwar kameez or a saree. Do you know that there are many varieties of Jades are available and what exactly to look at while buying a jewelry made of Jade? Read on.

Jadeite and nephrite are the two varieties of Jades available on the market. The availability of Jadeite is not that easy and it falls on the expensive side. We think that jades are available only in Green. This is not entirely true. Jadeite variety is available in many colors. Nephrite is the one familiarly known as the jade of china which is available commonly in the market.

You can look around for the Jewelry & Gem show in your area to buy Jade in good price. The Gem & Jewelry show that occurs in various states of USA all through the year is one source from where you can buy them in bulk for a competitive price. All jewelry shops in India have ready to buy golden jewelry made of Jade. There are earrings that come in beautiful designs with the matching necklaces and bangles.

The navarathna set is a very famous jewelry in southern part of India. Those who believe in Astrology prefer wearing a jewelry made of nine different gemstones and Jade plays a vital role in it. You can also get bangles mixed with green jade and red colored gemstone to complement your silk sarees. While buying, check whether all the jades are similar in shape and color. A few cheap ones may come up with duplicate mixes.

Keep in mind that the opaque jades are cheaper than the semi pique ones. Make sure the jades are fixed, waxed or glued well in the jewelry you are buying.Always buy from a known shop for escaping from the duplicates. If processed, some quartz crystals can be made to look similar to Jade. Give an authentic look to your dressing and style by wearing a jade jewelry.

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