Tips to Help Care for Your Human Hair Bundles

Human Hair Bundles

Do you own a plethora of human hair bundles such as deep wave bundles, water wave bundles, or body wave bundles? If you do, then what are you doing to keep the hair extensions looking fresh each day? If you have been on the lookout for basic tips that can help with your wigs and extensions, then here are some that might help you to keep your hair refreshed: 

  • Use a Dry Shampoo 

No matter what kind of hair wigs or extensions you have, such as deep wave bundles or more, one of the best ways to help with greasy hair is to use dry shampoos, an alternative to washing hair regularly, which strips it of its luster with each wash. Using dry shampoos tends to remove the excess buildup of oil or hair products without undergoing shampooing, conditioning, and deep masking. Using dry shampoos helps to significantly extend the time between washing and aids in maintaining the quality of the human hair wigs. 

  • Try to Air Dry Always

No matter how you feel about it, always air dry! At all costs, try to avoid using your hairdryers on wigs or even your hair. Hot air tends to damage the quality of the hair, even if it is human hair or human hair bundles. When you choose to towel dry your hair, use a microfiber towel and avoid rubbing the wig. Ensure to pat the hair gently and do not ruffle the hair; it may cause frizzing up due to friction from air drying.

  • Watch the Detangling Technique

If you have curly wigs or curly hair extensions such as water wave bundles, gently use your fingers and detangle your hair. If you, on the other hand, have straight or wavy hair, then using a soft bristle brush detangle the hair. Ensure to start with at the ends of your air and slowly work your way upwards to the root of your hair. 

  • Try a Paddle Brush for Volumizing

Are you looking for a way to instill some volume into your hair? Then you must invest in a high-quality paddle brush. This is one of the best styling tools that have an excellent way to add some volume to your tresses. 

  • Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in-conditioners are one of the most beneficial wig care essential items that not only set the hair well but hydrate the hair well. They are the best natural heat protectant for those who cannot go without using heat on the hair as part of one’s daily styling ritual. 

  • Wear the wig a little less often

This is a great time, to begin with, the process of using your hair wigs a little less often. Wearing the wigs day in and day out is like wearing a piece of clothing on an everyday basis for the entire week. In no time, the piece of clothing will fray quicker, fade faster, and won’t look amazing as the day it is bought. Wigs and hair extensions too work in the same format. Too much exposure to any of the external factors affecting the hair’s health could shorten the lifespan of one’s hair. 

  • Try not to Sleep Wearing the Wig.

Sure, you may look ravishing in your wig; however, it is good to avoid sleeping in it as it can make the wig dull out and shape away from the normal look. Give your scalp the much-needed chance to breathe and not tangle up during Sleep. 

These are some of the most useful and practical steps required to help care for your human hair extensions and human hair bundles as well. 

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