7 Sexy Last Minute Halloween Costumes I Created Entirely From My Closet

Halloween Costumes

If Halloween is this Saturday, and if you don’t have a costume yet, you have a few options. You can:

a) Get your ass to the halloween costumes store and shell out $60+ for a costume that you’ll probably never wear again

b) Attempt to find your costume from last year and wash the jungle juice stains out of it while you untag all of last year’s photos on Facebook so nobody realizes you re-wore it

c) Make a costume from your own closet

Option C can seem daunting. I mean, your closet isn’t a Halloween shop, it’s filled with basics, crop tops, and leggings. Not to mention that you don’t even have half of your wardrobe in your tiny little college apartment, right? Plus, you have three fucking Halloween parties this weekend and need three separate costumes for all of them.

Well, I’m a broke college student, and there’s no way in hell I can justify shelling out money for some mass-produced costume that some other chick will probably be wearing. Not to mention, those costumes never fit you right. You know what does fit right? Your own clothes. Every single one of these costumes was put together from my own closet, with the exception of one dress I borrowed from my roommate. I admit, I do have some strange things lurking around my closet (hello, tutu), but I’m sure you do too!

1. The Biker Chick

Unless you’re the preppiest of the preps, you’ve probably got something leather in your closet. Be it a jacket, leggings, or a bra-top. You may not have a Harley Davidson t-shirt lying around like me (I bought this one on Ebay and sewed it into a crop top myself), but you can still capture the biker chick persona with leather, fishnets, and some red lips. If you are feeling committed, draw some tats on those arms, just make sure you can scrub them off before work on Monday morning.

2. The Slutty Teacher

If you’ve never dressed up as a slutty school girl before, are you even a college student? Let’s upgrade your life by being a slutty substitute teacher instead. Rather than a tied-up white shirt, opt for a snug fitting cardigan with something lacy underneath. Bonus points if you tie up your hair with a pencil, double bonus points if you embrace the cougar within you and hook up with a freshman.

3. The Army Brat

If you don’t have something army print in your closet, your southern roommate and your booty call definitely do. Not to mention that they sell extremely cheap camo gear at any army surplus store. Throw something army on along with your combat boots and military inspired jacket and you’re good to go. Maybe the camo will help you hide from your ex at the party?

4. The Princess

Is it just me, or does nobody dress up like a princess anymore? I’m not talking a slutty Elsa or Jasmine, I mean your own princess. It’s as easy as throwing on your old prom dress or other bedazzled cocktail frock and a cheap crown. Maybe add a sash and be Miss America instead? The possibilities are endless.

5. The Flapper

If you missed out on this year’s fringe trend, you can probably still grab the leftovers on sale at your local Forever 21. If you did purchase something fringed like I did, you can get some use out of it by throwing on a headband and calling yourself a flapper.

6. The Playboy Bunny

I’m aware this is a little bit basic, but maybe it’s just a classic. Besides, you know you’ve got a sexy bodysuit that you’re dying to wear sans pants. If you don’t have bunny ears, text your girls group chat and I guarantee you will find them. After all, would Regina George lead you astray?

7. The Jungle Chick

If you’re not using your plethora of cheetah print clothing to do a group Cheetah Girls costume with your girl friends, you can be a jungle chick (or cave woman, if you will). If you have a brown skirt or shorts, this would probably work better than my green one, but like I said, I only worked with what I had.

8. The Ballerina

Okay, so maybe not everyone has a tutu in their closet, but I’m sure one of your girlfriends does if you don’t. As you can see, mine is a little tiny…but what better way to show off all those squats you’ve been doing? Kim K who?

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