Education: The Backbone Of Civilization

The Backbone Of Civilization

Education is the birth right of each individual. It is not only the responsibility of the government of a country to educate the new generation, so that they can serve the country and build a good future. The parents or guardians have a bigger responsibility to educate their coming generations. Education cannot be achieved within few days as it is a step by step journey towards the destination. In general, education implies gaining knowledge, skills, habits and sensitivity through learning and applying it in daily life.

Education has no boundaries and it can be acquired by people of all age groups. It can be transferred from one level to the next through teaching, research or training. Besides providing support to human culture, it accelerates the thinking power of an individual. The stages through which education is generally provided are listed below:

Playschool or Nursery is the first stage for one to start this process. Here the education is given through simple, easy and understandable way. The kids get familiarized with shapes, colors, numbers and alphabets. The first stage gives provides them a base to excel in the further stages of education.

The primary or elementary schools are the second step, where a growing kid is introduced to the primary education. The basic knowledge building takes place here so that they can get an idea about how to go ahead in this competitive world. Roughly this base education has a limit of 3-7 years.

The Secondary education consists of formal education that is given in schools or high schools. This education phase provides students important information on the respective subjects and provides them knowledge to choose their future career.

The Higher studies are the platform where one can acquire sufficient amount of knowledge and apply them on the basis of requirements. Colleges and universities provide education during this phase. According to one’s willingness or interest, he can enroll into Liberal Arts College, Technological colleges, Medical colleges or other streams.

Beside these regular styles of education, there are some offbeat options that one can pursue. Vocational education is one of them, where education is combined with practice. Here the student can enroll himself in an institute as an intern. Self learning is another mode of education which can be achieved through research and practice. You can opt for part-time, full-time or distant learning, depending on your preferences. In recent times, you can also have the option of e-learning.

Education helps an individual to compete in life and stay ahead of others. Nowadays, for job prospects or for career establishment, education has become inevitable for everyone. Whether you want to be a teacher, and serve the young generation, or you want to be a professor, doctor or an engineer and outshine in life; education is essential for every human being.

A student needs to gain motivation and inspiration to be successful in his chosen stream. You can never pressurize your child to carry out something in which he has no interest. You can at least try to support them and give them the liberty to flourish with right education. NIHE India is one of the leading medical entrance coaching institutes in Norther India with several branches spread across cities for great results in medical coaching classes

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