Tees And Tanks: The Best Places To Buy Basics For Super Cheap

The Best Places To Buy Basics For Super Cheap

An essential part of any wardrobe is the basics. Basics consist of plain, solid-colored tees and tanks that are perfect for layering or even wearing on their own. You can wear a basic tank under a sweater. You can wear a basic tee with a pair of jeans on a casual day. It’s important to have a good collection of basics to really add to your outfits and round out your wardrobe. If you need to add some basics to your closet, you’ll want to check out the five best places to buy basics below!

The Best Places To Buy Basics For Super Cheap

1. H&M

H&M is hands down the best place to buy basics. You can find plain tees and tanks for an unbelievable price year-round and the quality is excellent! A common issue when buying basics is that because they can be super cheap, they are often poor quality and don’t last long. H&M sells only top-quality basics that you’ll have for years!

2. Forever 21

Forever 21 is one of the best places to buy basics because of their prices. You can get plain tanks for $2! As if the prices aren’t unbelievable, the quality is amazing, too! Forever 21 is the perfect place to stock up on these staples.

3. Rainbow

Rainbow is basically known for its basics. They carry an insanely wide variety of colors when it comes to tees and tanks. They also offer various necklines, with V-necks, scoop neck, and even mock neck shirts. For years they have offered $5 tees and tanks, which is hard to beat!

4. Kohls

Kohls is a great place to buy basics because it carries numerous brands. If you like the fit of one brand’s tees, but another brand’s tanks, you can mix it up! Their basics are always at an affordable price and it seems like they have more sales than any other retailer on the market!

5. Urban Outfitters

We’ll admit that Urban Outfitters isn’t the greatest place to buy basics if you’re on a budget. Their basics are a little bit on the pricier side, with some plain tees and tanks over $20. With that said, the quality of these items is beyond superb. Urban Outfitters tees and tanks literally last for years, so they’re worth the extra cash!

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